Intentionally offbeat or just ain’t got no rhythm?

Before an artist is finally on stage, an album released or a product promoted, there are many obstacles to overcome. Anyone on the road to international success should rely on competent translators for harmonious communication. We understand the jargon of the music biz and know what makes the difference in translating for this unique industry. Biographies & promotional material, interviews & press releases, or stage riders & catering lists – we’ll make sure your artist won’t fall on deaf ears with foreign audiences.

Special focus: Music & media law

The music business is in a state of constant fluctuation in this virtual age, creating ongoing challenges that affect both laws and language. Our vast experience as legal translators combined with sound knowledge of the entertainment industry form the technical basis required for the translation of various legal documents from this field.

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"Music is the universal language of mankind."

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow